Yidimu Falcon Cure - UV Curing box with single light source LED and large displacement Fan


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Main Features

✔️ Reliable Light Source - 140° wide-angle illumination range LED light source with a large displacement fan for a better working environment.
✔️ Easy To Use - The Falcon UV curing box use three side lamp selective control, with the reflecting mirror to make the curing process fully worked on each side. Set up your time and put the model to start. Once finished the curing box will power off automatically.
✔️ Dust-Proof Structure - The metal frame structure is sealed to keep the main room dust-free, no dust con effect the resin model.
✔️ Ideal for 3D Resin Prints - Fast curing time with high curing speed for your 3D object on your project. The turntable rotates evenly for 6s per turn, uniform illumination to improve the appearance of the model.
✔️ Specs - Curing size: 115 (L) × 177 (W) × 200 (H) mm, Voltage: AC220V/AC110V

Specification Package Size ( L x W x H ) 30x37x29cm