Anet ET5X - DIY 3D Printer


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  • Ultra Large Print: 300x300x400mm ultra large print volume.
  • Automatic Leveling: Auto measures 25 points across the print platform for heat bed leveling. An induction sensor can probe the bed in a grid and apply mesh-based compensation that ensures you print on a level bed every time, all without the time-consuming and labor-intensive leveling tasks.
  • Filament Sensor&Power OutageRecovery: The filament sensor detects the filament end and sends reminders to the screen to avoid air-printing. Resume printing and recover from exactly where it left off. No worries about unexpected power outages.
  • Auto Filament Assignment&Assembled In No Time: Automatic load and unload the filament with just a click. Pre-assembly and modular design with quick assembles in 10min. Solid Wire Connection, Distributor connector for solid wire connections.
  • Dual Z-axis, More Accurate Print&Stable Y-axis Movement: ET5 applies dual Z-axis rods and motors to make sure the smoothness and accuracy of every slight movement. Dual Y-axis guideway for a more stable and level moving stage of the build platform. Intuitive Touchscreen.Colorful LCD touch screen, allowing you to control the movement of the X/Y/Z axis, leveling, and printing with ease.
  • Safe Designed Control Board: You can connect your ET5 online or offline to any configuration for your convenience. You could print via SD card or USB flash drive. Self-developed industrial-grade 32bit control board with MCU STMF407. Stable operation with high precision. The motherboard has thermal runaway protection. If the printer fails to detect the temperature for a certain time, it would automatically power off.

Technical Specification:

  • Printing Technology: FDM
  • Structure: Aluminum frame
  • Connections: Online/Offline
  • Printing LCD Display: 3.5-inch Full-Color Touch Screen
  • Movement speed: ≤150mm/s (recommended speed 30-60mm/s)
  • Printing speed: ≤150mm/s (recommended speed 30-60mm/s)
  • Standard Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Extruder Working Temp (Max): 250℃
  • Hotbed Temp(Max): 100℃
  • Hotbed Material: Aluminum hotbed and Tempered Glass
  • Control Software Language: English/Chinese
  • Data Input Format: STL, OBJ
  • Operation System: Windows
  • Printing Software: Cura, Repetier, Simplify3D