Dog Food Dispenser Slow Feeder Squeaky Treat Ball for Small Dogs Puppy (NOT for Medium/Big Dogs)


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Color:1 ball

1. Safe. Fineinno dog food dispending feeder use non-toxic and durable vinyl material to keep your dog grow healthily.
2. Quack Sound. When dogs bite the toy, the toy makes a noise that raises the curiosity of the dog and adds to the dog's enjoyment.
3. Food Dispending. The chew toy leaked a small amount of food, allowing the dog to develop a habit of slow food.
4. Teeth Cleaning. Dogs have an unexpected bonus when chewing and playing, that is, cleaning teeth.
5. Interactive. You can use the ball to interact with your dog and enhance the relationship between the host and the pet.

Product size(diameter): 3.0 inches(7.5cm)
Product weight: about 70g
Product material: PVC(polyvinyl chloride)