Mini Hair Straightening Brush by Yaluya


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Product Description

Products Introduction
1. In line with safety regulations, mini hair straight comb, global voltage, suitable for intelligent MCU temperature control one-button operation, simple and practical.
2.MCH heats up rapidly, heat storage is more, heat up faster, and the left and right nylon teeth mix wild boar bristle to make
When the hair is used, the tail is not easy to slip off, and it is more suitable for the heat-generating surface. The straightening effect is perfect, and both sides are combed and used.
3. When you can better introduce the hair, smoother combing, in addition, you can firmly grasp the hair roots when combing from the inside out! The tail, roots can be grasped, more in line with the ergonomic design!

Operation Instruction
1. Keep the hair clean, dry, and neatly before you combed.
2. Connect the comb and press the switch, the item will be on, press “+” or “-” to set a temperature to your desired.
3. Heat Setting: Offers three different temperature setting from 150℃, 180℃ to 210℃, 150℃ for thin and fine hair, or bleached hair, dyed or dark color hair, 180℃ for normal or slightly curled hair, 210℃ for heavy or wavy curly hair, or thick coarse hair, and fulfill all your needs for various hairstyles and conditions.
4. This hair straightener will automatically shut-off if no action within 3 seconds after power-on, temperature-lock function can prevent accidental changes of the temperature setting.

Straightener Warning
1. Before you use the item, please check whether it had damaged. if it is damaged, please stop using it.
2. Do not use it in the bathroom and pool or any wet place, it is easy to cause damage.
3. Do not transform, disassembly, or repair the item by yourself.
4. This product can not be put into the fire or external heating.
5. Do not allow children under the age of 14 to use this product in the absence of adults.

Automatic Shutoff: 40 Minutes
Heat Up Time: 60 Seconds
Highest Temp: 230℃
Voltage: Dual Voltage
Number of Heat Settings: 20
Swivel Cord: Yes
Variable Heat Settings: Yes