PrintDry - Filament Dryer PRO (2.0)


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After absorbing moisture from the air, water molecules are bound to the polymer chains of filaments. The PrintDry filament dryer uses heat to cause the molecules in the filament to move more vigorously, weakening and breaking the bond of water molecules from the polymer chains and permitting them to move freely. Airflow carries heat to the filament and also carries the freed water molecules away.

*Please note: the drying time and actual temperature inside a dryer vary due to ambient temperature, location, and how much material is being dried.

The PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO ensures that filament stays in optimal condition while printing, and it can hold two filament spools for simultaneous drying and printing. Included adapters can be swapped out for larger spools up to 12" outer diameter, or small spools up to 8" outer diameter.

Key Features:
  • Digital Display
  • Double-wall Structure
  • Spool adapters for both large and small spools
  • Built-in timer with a maximum time of 48 hours
  • Maximum temperature setting 75ºC
Package Includes:
  • PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO (2.0)
  • Two metal shafts
  • Four large spool adapters
  • Four small spool adapters


Digital Display

Vertical Filament Mounts